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The passion behind the art

Rachael Cawthon is a talented young woman who has always loved expressing herself through art; whether it be by painting, drawing, photography, or of course, hair and makeup. She grew up with 5 sisters and always enjoyed practicing different hairstyles. After having her own little girl, she was discovered by a veteran artist of over 30 years. She began studying under several artists, and learned valuable skills from the bridal, editorial, and film world. She has taken many courses, certifications and sanitation certifications over the years to hone her skills. She began being scouted by other artists and companies, eventually becoming an independent contractor with several companies as well as growing her own freelance business. Rachael has a passion for bringing out the inner confidence of her clients. She is always talking about that inner beauty, and creating that shine that comes from within, or making it more visible to the rest of the world. She really does believe that makeup is more than powder and a brush, she believes in the transformative power it holds, and it's ability to connect people. She will listen to you and make your  unique vision a reality.  She currently resides in Gwinnett county, GA, with her husband, Jason, her daughter Aralina, and her son Ezra.

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